Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Chemical Leasing for companies in 3 Steps

These guidelines present a step-by-step approach to preparing and implementing the Chemical Leasing business model and optimizing the use of chemicals in a company’s production process. Chemical Leasing increases the efficiency and effectiveness of chemicals by combining the knowledge and experience of the chemical user with the know-how of the chemical supplier. The result should be a win-win situation with economic benefits for both partners, and with environmental and health benefits for the chemical user.

These guidelines describe how you can (1) assess your company´s potential for optimizing the use of chemicals, (2) develop and implement the Chemical Leasing business model together with a chemicals supplier and other potential partners, and (3) evaluate and monitor the results.

An outline of the approach is presented below. The detailed guidelines follow.


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STEP 1. Preparation

The aim of this step is to identify opportunities for implementing the Chemical Leasing business model in a company.


STEP 2. Development and Implementation

The aim of this step is to develop the Chemical Leasing model, define and test options, and sign the Chemical Leasing contract with a partner


STEP 3. Monitoring and Evaluation

The aim of this step is to monitor, document, and evaluate the results. Here you might also decide to extend the scope of the Chemical Leasing model to other production lines or business areas of the company.