Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Step 2: Development and implementation

If you have reached this step, it means that:

✓ You are interested in implementing the Chemical Leasing business model.
✓ You have identified and pre-assessed potential chemicals and processes for Chemical Leasing.
✓ You have pre-defined possible unit(s) of payment.

Implementation of the Chemical Leasing business model requires close collaboration and exchange of knowledge between the chemical user and supplier. To this end, in Step 2 you will:

  • create an internal working group (task 4)
  • establish a core Chemical Leasing team that includes the chemical user and supplier and possibly other partners (task 5)
  • collect data and define the baseline (task 6)
  • define measures to optimize chemical use and processes (task 7)
  • test the identified options (task 8)
  • establish a Chemical Leasing contract (task 9).

Implementation of the ChL model also requires compliance with high quality standards and sustainability criteria for the process and the process output.

At the end of Step 2, you will have developed a Chemical Leasing model and signed a Chemical Leasing contract with one or more partners.


Continue with the Task 4 – Create an internal working group