Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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For suppliers

Under a Chemical Leasing model, the supplier can be a manufacturer of chemicals and/or a distributor/trader of chemicals. In either case, the supplier should have in-depth experience and knowledge of the chemicals sold and how to use them most effectively, efficiently and safely. Based on this, the supplier should be able to provide advice and services for improving the way the chemicals are used in their clients’ plants.

A supplier who wishes to initiate the development of a Chemical Leasing model and engage potential partners should carefully consult the guidelines presented in this toolkit and consider how they can be adapted (in particularly the tasks from 1 to 4): The supplier should start the process by checking the chemicals it supplies to clients (chemical users), and identifying clients who have the highest potential for the Chemical Leasing model. The supplier may then initiate the negotiation process.  If the clients express interest, both partners can jointly follow the provided methodology and address relevant steps and tasks together, flexibly adapting the tasks as necessary.   

Potential benefits of the Chemical Leasing model for the supplier are:

  • better competitiveness and differentiation on the market because of the additional value and benefits it brings to clients
  • higher profits (for example from sharing  economic benefits with the user)
  • good relationships with clients (chemical users), which help in understanding their current and future needs
  • enlargement of market shares (by offering this innovative business approach the supplier would attract more clients and become the only supplier for companies using this production process)
  • greater facility in complying with international legislation such as REACH
  • improved environmental profile