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The potential benefits of a Chemical Leasing model for companies that use chemicals in their processes are considerable. They might include:

  • lower operational costs
  • increased resource efficiency by optimizing the use of chemicals and other resources related to a process
  • improved handling and storage of chemicals resulting in better occupational health and safety
  • potential substitution of chemicals, to replace more hazardous products with less hazardous products
  • lower environmental impact (e.g. less waste production, less air and water pollution)
  • reduced liability for chemicals management
  • better productivity
  • continuous improvement and compliance with international regulations
  • precise calculation of activity-related costs
  • lower maintenance costs
  • elimination of downtime
  • improved image as an innovative company


The benefits are especially important when chemical use is not part of the company’s core processes (e.g. glue for packaging in the food and beverage industry, washing chemicals for laundry in hotels). The Chemical Leasing model allows such companies to concentrate on their core business while benefiting from the service and know-how provided by the supplier.

Chemical users who wish to pursue ChL are encouraged to consult the Chemical Leasing step-by-step guidelines on initiating and implementing a ChL business model as well as helpful instruments of this toolkit.


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