Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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For consultants

Under a Chemical Leasing model, a third-party consultant must have knowledge of industrial process optimization, innovative business models, and the efficient use of chemicals. The consultant must be able to provide the chemical supplier and user with value added that exceeds the cost of the consulting service.

Consulting companies who have the necessary knowledge and expertise and who wish to pursue ChL are encouraged to consult the Chemical Leasing step-by-step guidelines on initiating and implementing a ChL business model as well as helpful instruments of this toolkit. model. Use of the toolkit is particularly important for consultants who wish to initiate the development of a ChL model with potential clients.

For consulting companies, potential benefits of learning and applying the ChL model include:

  • development of  a service portfolio with additional services
  • higher competitiveness on the consultancy market
  • provision of innovative and effective business and technical solutions
  • extension of know-how and of the professional network
  • improved image.


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