Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Chemical Leasing (ChL) is an innovative, service-oriented business model that aims at a more efficient use of chemicals in the production process by redefining the relationship between the chemical user and supplier.

The focus of the Chemical Leasing relationship is not simply the supplying of chemicals but the transfer of know-how on their use as well as the provision of additional services and support in improving their performance.

The key Chemical Leasing partners and their roles in and benefits from the model are presented in the graph below. The two principal partners, the Chemical supplier and Chemical user, may be assisted by a Consultant (or National Cleaner Production Centre) who supports communication and the transfer of know-how between the chemical supplier and user, and who provides technical assistance for implementing the Chemical Leasing business model. Other partners, like equipment providers, can also be part of a Chemical Leasing arrangement. Their roles should be defined on a case-by-case basis.