Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Non-binding international initiatives

Non-binding international initiatives can be supported by governments and stakeholders but are not legally binding and can not be enforced. They rely on the commitment of concerned stakeholders, such as industry, political representatives, national and international organisations, and scientific organisations.

A variety of non-binding international initiatives exist that affect the chemical sector and that aim at a more sustainable production and use of chemicals. These include SAICM, Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP), Circular Economy, Green Industry, Green Growth, Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Eco-innovation, and Responsible Care.

Chemical Leasing is a means of supporting such international initiatives, as outlined in the sections that follow. The main benefits of Chemical Leasing in this context are the following:

Table 1: Benefits/ Contribution of Chemical Leasing to non-binding initiatives on sustainable production

Environmental Social Economic
Reduction of resource consumption Reduced risk in chemical handling Reduced costs
Reduced emissions and waste Better qualification of workers due to training Improved competitiveness
Reduced energy demand Reduced health hazards Better business partnerships

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