Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Task 4: Create an internal working group

Task 4  is to create a committed internal working group that will develop and implement the Chemical Leasing model and will become a driving force in all of the developmental changes.

The group should at a minimum include members from the company’s production and purchasing departments. Ideally it should also include members from the R&D department, the quality assurance department, the legal department, the financial department, the health and safety and environmental department, and potentially members of the management board.

The importance of the working group cannot be overestimated. Success in modifying and optimizing the company’s processes will depend on the efforts of these people and their knowledge, efforts, and understanding of the company´s strengths, weaknesses and potential problems. A skilled team that collaborates well is an absolute necessity for successful implementation of a Chemical Leasing business model.

As soon as the internal team is established, it is essential to set-up the core Chemical Leasing team which should include the supplier(s) and eventually other partners. This will facilitate the further development of the Chemical Leasing model and the exchange of know-how.

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