Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Task 8: Test the identified options

Task 8, testing of the identified options, should prove the applicability of the Chemical Leasing model in the selected process, provide concrete figures for costs and savings, and demonstrate that quality requirements are met.

The design and the plan of the testing should be defined by the core Chemical Leasing team and should take into consideration:

  • Costs of the testing: The team needs to decide who will cover the costs. Sharing of costs between the chemical user and supplier is recommended if possible.
  • Liability: Advance agreement on who is responsible for the testing and the eventual outcomes is recommended
  • Occupational health and safety requirements
  • Specification of chemicals required by the user, which should be respected by the supplier.


Unit of payment:

The testing should also cover the new unit of payment that was identified in Step 1. This unit should now be analyzed and verified in practice. In addition, at the end of the testing process, the Chemical Leasing team must agree on the price per unit of payment (for example: 1 Euro/ m2 cleaned surface). In comparing the costs of traditional and Chemical Leasing models, it is important that the calculations be based on real costs related to chemical use (energy, water, etc.) and that they take into consideration all potential savings that can be achieved under Chemical Leasing.

The testing should result in:

  • Proof that optimization options are feasible and will bring economic, environmental and other benefits
  • Final decisions on the unit of payment and pricing


If the testing has been successful and the price determined, continue with  Task 9 – Establish a contract