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Chemical Leasing national best practices

Chemical Leasing policies have already been implemented with success in several countries. The different measures taken by Germany and Austria, listed below, illustrate how Chemical Leasing National Best Practices can contribute to economic and environmental policy programmes.

Best practices at the national level in Germany

The political instruments and non-binding initiatives adopted in Germany that support the Chemical Leasing business model include:

  • several Chemical Leasing projects implemented by the German the Environmental Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency and partners that contribute to the dissemination and awareness raising of the business model
  • Creation of a steering committee for the national projects with stakeholders from the policy arena and industry
  • authorizations under REACH
  • activities to further develop the Sustainable Chemistry concept and the integration of Chemical Leasing into this concept
  • adoption of a German resource efficiency program (ProgRess) as one of the first European comprehensive concepts to increase resource efficiencyn(source).

Best practices at the national level in Austria

The measures taken by Austria to promote Chemical Leasing include:

  • sharing information on Chemical Leasing on the official website of the Federal Ministry of Environment, with a reference and link to the UNIDO website
  • initiation, support and consulting on new chemical leasing projects (Pero-Dow, Initiative “Chemical Leasing goes Agro”) in Austria
  • sponsoring, participating in, and promoting the biennial Chemical Leasing award through publication on the official website of the Ministry, press releases, high-level participation in the award (Minister or high-level official), and sending out of invitations using different mailing lists to disseminate the information
  • sponsoring, promotion and organisation of expert panels, discussions, workshops on Chemical Leasing (e.g. during the European Forum Alpbach, etc.) and publication of conference papers
  • sponsoring of studies and scientific publications on Chemical Leasing (e.g. OECD, national studies, research at Universities etc.)
  • promotion of Chemical Leasing in other international organisations and fora (SAICM, OECD, EU Council, etc.) and panel discussions on the circular economy, green economy and green chemistry
  • launching and coordination of a national multi-stakeholder working group