Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

Environmental protection in enterprises has been undergoing structural changes in recent years. The emphasis is shifting to preventive techniques that focus on the production processes themselves. RECP covers the application of preventive management strategies that increase the efficiency of the use of natural resources, minimize generation of waste and emissions, and foster safe and responsible production. Not only does this reduce the pollution load on the environment but it also makes good business sense.

The RECP Network established by UNIDO and UNEP supports all three pillars of sustainability by aiming at increased resource efficiency and risk reduction for humans and the environment. It also contributes to solving some of today’s global challenges, such as climate change, resource scarcity, decent jobs, and environmental degradation (source): 

Chemical Leasing is based on the preventive idea of RECP. It contributes significantly to resource efficiency by:

  • optimising the use of chemicals in production processes, which reduces the overall amount of chemicals needed, and
  • reducing the energy required to produce the chemical substances