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Awareness raising

Awareness raising is a policy instrument to create knowledge, understanding and support for specific topics. An important element is the dissemination of information, which needs to be targeted to generate interest in a specific topic.

Awareness raising and information dissemination affect Chemical Leasing in two ways. First, Chemical Leasing raises awareness about resource efficiency and chemical risk minimisation among industrial stakeholders, and it facilitates information dissemination within the industry due to better transfer of know-how.

Second, Chemical Leasing is a business model that companies and other stakeholders need to become more aware of or learn more about. As a first step, companies who have not heard of Chemical Leasing need to become aware of the business model and its benefits for their sector and company. For companies that are already aware of Chemical Leasing, their knowledge and understanding of it needs to be improved. In this way, more companies in more sectors could become aware of the business model and the benefits of its implementation, which couldlead to more companies implementing Chemical Leasing.


  • Chemical Leasing Homepage
  • Chemical Leasing Toolkit
  • Integration of Chemical Leasing into other programmes and initiatives on sustainable chemistry
  • Workshops
  • Keynote speeches at conferences or fairs
  • Newsletters of industry associations and governmental agencies
  • “Word of mouth” in industry sectors



  • Chemical Leasing is not widely known. A first introduction of the business model has to target the needs of the audience and highlight the benefits of Chemical Leasing for individual companies, industrial sectors, or governmental institutions.
  • Representatives of companies or institutions who are aware of the business model may have little or no understanding, or even wrong assumptions, about the business model.
  • Companies applying Chemical Leasing do not spread the information because a) they fear the loss of their competitive advantage, or b) the implementation of Chemical Leasing is declared confidential in the contract between the business partners.


Ways to overcome barriers

Introducing Chemical Leasing needs to be targeted: different types of information have to be provided to different groups and the specific benefits for the groups must be highlighted.

The concept and functioning of Chemical Leasing should be presented clearly in order to avoid misunderstanding. For example, the visibility of the Chemical Leasing Sustainability Criteria should be strengthened to underline the requirements that need to be fulfilled for Chemical Leasing.