Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Education and training

Integration of Chemical Leasing into education and training programs is crucial to increasing knowledge about the model and how it functions. As a service-oriented business model, Chemical Leasing requires a new way of thinking about sales, based on a strong and trusting relationship between chemical users and suppliers and, in some cases, other equipment or service providers. Different measures for education, training and dissemination of Chemical Leasing are conceivable.


  • Courses at universities
  • Training of company representatives (e.g. managers, technicians, distributors)
  • Workshops for industry



The provision of information about Chemical Leasing in courses and training programmes needs to be well planned so as to include the right amount and level of detail of the information.

Ways to overcome barriers

Providing sufficient and targeted information is the key to involving more stakeholders in the business model, and to disseminating and implementing the model at both the industrial and the political level.