Chemical Leasing Toolkit

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Greening the supply chain

In light of the recent trend toward pushing environmental responsibility upstream to suppliers and vendors, Chemical Leasing might serve as a policy instrument to systematically introduce environmental standards or sustainability criteria to the supply chains of certain chemicals. Many large multinational companies have adopted green supply chain standards, which they enforce through inspection and compliance regimes, requiring suppliers to use certified Environmental Management Systems. Chemical Leasing, as service-orientated partnership approach, could have an important role in such greening-the-supply-chain initiatives. For example, implementation of Chemical Leasing could be integrated into environmental regimes and supply chain standards in order to ensure that companies have adopted consistently sustainable operations maintained by their suppliers.


Large multinational companies could establish Chemical Leasing standards in their greening-the-supply-chain initiatives by jointly developing Chemical Leasing projects with their suppliers.


SMEs are often in need of external support and capacity building to assist their participation in green supplier networks. This can also become a barrier for smooth Chemical Leasing implementation (source). 

Chemical Leasing Sustainability Criteria are not always correctly applied or monitored in Chemical Leasing Projects designed for the greening of supply chains.

Ways to overcome barriers

Specialized training sessions and material can help to explain the correct application of Chemical Leasing by all stakeholders, including SMEs. Chemical Leasing standards can be verified by independent and recognised organizations and international Chemical Leasing experts.